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Picture Your Success, Literally

Picture Your Success, Literally

Do you daydream about success? If you don’t, you should. Here’s why.

Harvard Business School once conducted a survey of recent graduates about their goals, then they interviewed those grads 10 years later. Get this: The graduates who had always clear goals in mind — the ones who’d daydreamed about success — were making TWO to TEN times more money as their classmates.

So, imagine yourself in a hammock on a tropical beach (margarita in hand), and picture success! Now, how do you make that daydream a reality?

Visualize it. That’s right. The first thing you need to do is to make it happen in your head. Professional athletes literally envision their course of action — whether flying down a ski slope, pushing through the gridiron or setting on the putting green — they all go through their motions meticulously in order to get to the podium and take home the big prize.

Visualize the success of your own business with specific marketing goals:

  • How many customers do I need to work with every month?
  • How many new customers do I want to ADD every month?
  • How many new prospects do I want to target every month, and…
  • How will I find them?

Then ask yourself some questions about your imagined goals:

  • Who would I like my customers to be?
  • Ideally, how many customers would I like to have?
  • How much money would I like to make?

Now you need to put some strategies into place to achieve your goals. Again, ask yourself some key questions:

  • How can I attract attention and interest by potential customers?
  • How can I increase the number of real leads I get?
  • How do I build my business’ reputation and credibility so prospects can trust my product/service?
  • How can I make sure prospects remember my business when they’re ready to do business?

Of course, visualizing alone won’t guarantee the success of your business. But it’s a sound jumping-off point from the perspective of planning your marketing strategy.

Stay tuned to this space for more smart marketing tips!

Megan Smith-Gill

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