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An Evolution of… Doodles?

An Evolution of… Doodles?

Some listen. Some take notes. Some, well, doodle.


Meet Geoff. New to our team. A master in video and content. And already a contributor to our “Common Book.”


Ok, so at this point, you may have a lot of questions. Who is this Geoff? When will we meet him? What is a Common Book?


Well, today, I will only answer the last question – “What is a Common Book?” And here it is (if you really want to know the facts, you can check Geoff out on LinkedIn, where most of the typical corporate stalking happens)…


As part of the demonstration of the GMG culture – taking what we say and putting into practice in a living breathing documentation of our cores and values – we have started the GMG Common Book. This book travels with the team and is a haven for positive thoughts, gratitudes, inspiration, innovation and, when it comes to Geoff, DOODLES.


I’m not sure I have the creative mind to explain this doodle to you. What I can tell you is that I know if Geoff is paying attention or not. When he doodles, it means he’s listening. Taking it all in. And deciding how the discussion will translate into brilliant client strategy (strategy first, right?).


That all said, take a look at the doodle. Enjoy. If you’d like one of your own, call us!

– Heather H.

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