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What Mother’s Day Can Teach Us About Effective Leadership

What Mother’s Day Can Teach Us About Effective Leadership



Mother’s Day…

Yesterday was a day of celebration and appreciation. And as I sat in a moment of solitude and peace (well, not entirely, but it’s as close as I’m going to get so I’ll take it!!), I reflected on what qualities “great mothers” embody, exemplify and practice every day. Many came to mind… patience, loyalty, creativity, lead by example, good listener, responsible and accountable. I decided that I’m not doing such a bad job afterall, and dozed off for a bit under the warmth of the sun (which was also a treat after a week of rain).


Back to work on Monday morning…

Getting back into work mode this morning, and sitting through a few team meetings, I couldn’t help but thinking back on the list of qualities that ran through my head of who I aspire to be as a mother. And I suddenly realized as the lists played out in a mosh pit in my mind, that the list of those qualities could not be all that different from those of a good leader, and we were all marching to the same drummer whether at home or at work. So back to The Google I went. And sure enough, there were lists upon lists of shared traits between Mothers and Leaders. So, for all you Mothers out there, I wanted to share some of the top traits that you share with Great Leaders. I encourage you to find a sense of accomplishment and feeling of gratitude that your convictions pay off.


Both Moms and Great Leaders have:

1. A positive attitude

2. High moral standards

3. Creativity

4. Good listening and communication skills

5. An ability to inspire

6. Recognize mistakes and not only apologize but learn from them

7. A sense of loyalty

8. Patience


Why is this relevant to GMG?

All of these qualities come together to create a NURTURING A TRUSTING ENVIRONMENT, which I am proud to say exists here at GMG. It not only brings out the best in our children, but the best in our team members. And that’s why we consider our co-workers “family “in the true sense of the word. All of these qualities and traits are completely aligned with the rules we live by every day. It’s what makes GMG unique and bold. Culture truly rules the roost here, with no exceptions. Check out our daily rules now for some inspiration…


So, Mother or Great Leader, I commend those that celebrated yesterday for being the mothers they are, the mothers they aspire to be, the mothers they have, the mothers they mourn, the mothers they long for and the mothers they chose never to be.


– Heather H

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