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The Basics of Email. A Follow Up to “Who Says Email is Dead?”

The Basics of Email. A Follow Up to “Who Says Email is Dead?”

So, we’ve established the fact that email is not dead (yet). And just for fun, let’s cue the Month Python:

Dead Collector: Bring out yer dead!

Large Man: Here’s one.

Dead Collector: Nine pence.

“Dead” Man: I’m not dead.

Dead Collector: What?

Large Man: Nothing. There’s your nine pence.

“Dead” Man: I’m not dead!

Dead Collector: ‘Ere, he says he’s not dead.

Large Man: Yes he is.

“Dead” Man: I’m not.

Dead Collector: He isn’t.

So, if we’ve established that the “Dead” Man isn’t dead, and email isn’t dead either, then we might as well look at the best ways to approach it. Email, that is. Based on dotmailer’s latest report on best practices – Back to Basics: Email Marketing (which I would tend to agree with, otherwise I wouldn’t be here posting this on a Friday night), here are some good fundamentals to consider:


Getting them to open it:

  • 45% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Make sure your emails are mobile-responsive and work well on all devices
  • Make sure your “from” name is recognizable. Otherwise you are likely to end up in the spam folder.
  • Subject lines: Yep, you guessed it. Let the reader know what to expect. And make it engaging. Consider taking a personal, humorous or discount-led approach to stand out.

They’ve opened it. Now get them to read it:

  • Headlines need to be actionable and clear. Don’t leave room for guesswork.
  • Content should be easily digestable. Strongly consider bulleted copy.
  • Make it personal… pull in demo or behavioral data if possible to make it more compelling and relevant.

Then what? A strong call to action:

  • Make the call to action button visual and striking – consider placement and contrasting color.
  • Keep the copy short and sweet
  • Begin the call to action with a verb. Don’t be shy. Command an action!

Now it just comes to deliverability:

  • Even with the latest in technology, some email clients and apps can’t handle HTML (I know, hard to believe!). Make sure your email won’t look like a garbled mess in your prospects or customer’s inbox.

Measuring Results: What’s Important?

  • Deliverability/Bounce rate based on total emails sent (target less than 10% and work to improve it time after time)
  • Open rate on delivered
  • Click through rate on opens
  • Unsubscribe rate (target less than 2% and keep it on the decline)
  • Click to conversion (if trackable and applicable)


Have questions about your email campaigns and how to test and learn in order to improve open rates and conversions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’d love to help!

– Heather H.


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