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Sales and Marketing: The New Dream Team

Sales and Marketing: The New Dream Team

We live in the age of the customer, and while B2C companies and brands figured this out a while ago, B2B companies have also recognized that customer experience and a customer-centered everything approach to doing business—wins. But B2B marketing is still evolving.


In 2016, Forrester conducted a survey of CMO’s to uncover how the role has evolved and keys to success moving forward. One of the key findings was that 73% of B2B CMOs named their relationships with the head of sales as the most critical for success. AND, 71% said that having sales experience was valuable or highly valuable to their current role.


So the evolution now is better alignment between marketing and sales. Rather than operating in isolation whether it be a result of processes, procedures or even sometimes simply egos, we must change the way we think about and approach the prospect. Because of the differences in perspective, coupling marketing and sales together is providing B2B prospects a more robust experience through the sales cycle. And, it’s not only better for the prospect, but deepens the understanding between the two teams, allowing for sales teams to better inform the marketers, and vice versa.


This new way of thinking and working in partnership does require both teams to be open to a shift in the way they think, and act. I believe that what this means for us is that we continue to find opportunities to keep the lines of communication open between sales and marketing. How this partnership is ultimately is executed may differ company to company. But the bottom line is that there is an opportunity to amplify the efforts, give prospects a better and more emotional experience, and in the end close more deals.


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