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Bad Search Results Can Happen to Good People

Bad Search Results Can Happen to Good People

Have you google’d your company lately and found that the results weren’t exactly what you were  hoping for? That some less than desirable press is ending up on the first page? Before you panic that everyone in the world is seeing this, know that there are effective ways to fill those results with more desirable and positive content, and push the concerning content down into secondary and tertiary search result pages.

After you’ve taken a deep breath, and assessed the potential damage with a clear mind, the most effective way to combat negative search result content is with what we call “Reverse SEO.” Basically, how it works is you create more content, the content that you WANT to show up in the search results, in an effort to push negative content down. The search engines love fresh content and will reward you for it by serving your site up in higher results. If you couple that with the fact that users rarely go past the first or second page, it’s an effective way to not only get the negative news off the initial pages, but strengthens your organic SEO results overall.

Ways to do this (Not all will be relevant or realistic for every company, and some are easier than others. But it’s a good starting point.):

  • Making sure the content on the existing site is optimized for SEO
  • Post relevant blog content regularly
  • setting up new social profiles and being active on them 
  • Publish other types of media, like podcasts, videos or images 
  • Publish comments on other related industry websites or publish advice or opinions in professional forums (i.e.: linked in)

So, in essence, The more types of desirable and rich content you create, and the better the quality it is, the more likely it will be to rank above the negative content and make the negative item less noticeable. 

Happy Google’ing!


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