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Important tips/trends/musings about marketing.

Do Consumers See the “Smart Home” as Smart?

With the proliferation of mobile, internet, digital, smart technology and more in the daily lives of consumers, they have new ways of controlling a plethora of things, including their homes. Smart home technology promises benefits including comfort, convenience, economy, and safety across a multitude of...

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Sales and Marketing: The New Dream Team

We live in the age of the customer, and while B2C companies and brands figured this out a while ago, B2B companies have also recognized that customer experience and a customer-centered everything approach to doing business—wins. But B2B marketing is still evolving.   In 2016, Forrester conducted a survey of...

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Pokemon Craze or Just Crazy?

1 in 10 Americans play Pokemon Go daily. Really. And the statistics around this AR (Augmented Reality)/GPS phenomenon from Nintendo and Niantic don't stop there.   Estimated $6 million income per day in in-app purchases in the US alone More downloads in the first week than any other...

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Social Media 101.

Social media.   It can be a marketers dream, and a marketers nightmare. Whether it's as basic as "Where do I start?" or more complex as "How does my video strategy change now that there is instant video play just with a scroll?", success is always based...

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