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Important tips/trends/musings about marketing.

Progress or Frenzy?

It’s not a state secret or anything, but I don’t think people discuss the following (strange) phenomenon. Why is it that some owners — of underperforming businesses — work as hard or even harder, than the owners of successful businesses? If you give it a...

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Make email marketing work for you!

Do you feel as if your company isn’t quite ready for social media? It’s okay, but you have to market somewhere! Email is the place to start. Why should you do email marketing? Email marketing is cost effective Email marketing is powerful Email marketing provides predictable, measurable results Email marketing...

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Pitch in

You’ve owned a small business in your town — maybe for generations? — and you really want to engage your community beyond the brick and mortar of your daily operation. What’s the best way? Roll up your sleeves, reach out and pitch in You can give back...

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Build a better newsletter

What does every small business owner need to get an edge over their competition? A way to stand out. A regular newsletter to your customers — via either direct mail, email, or both — is a great way to start. Here are some basic tips to...

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Don’t Use Old Doors to Open New Doors

It’s never a bad time to ask yourself basic questions about your business — and your life. Here are two questions you should always keep in mind, because the answers can have an impact on your professional and personal success. Those questions are: What do I want? What...

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Don’t wait for inspiration

Do you think inspiration’s just for artists? Think again. And then, go get inspired! Inspiration, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary, is: “The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.” If inspiration is another way of defining innovation,...

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Going digital

Do you run a small business and want to find more customers and increase sales? Of course you do! Just because your business is small it doesn’t mean you can’t think big. And sometimes increasing sales begins with common sense digital solutions to help find opportunities...

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We have a winner!

Who doesn’t love to win something? From a Mega Millions jackpot to a plastic Cracker Jack toy, no one’s immune to the lure of a prize. Your customers are no different, and are always eager to take advantage of a free giveaway, even if the prize...

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